Standard Holograms

For low amounts of hologram labels, holograms are often applied in hot embossing method on labels by using hologram foil. The hologram is applied with this foil using hot embossing process with a stamp on the paper or plastic label material.

This may be a small hologram design on a label or a complete hologram label. With this method it is much easier to make cheap motives or security pattern customized as a hologram on a label.



Hologram Production

Holograms never fail to impress with its amazing reproduction of objects. Also the changing colors depending on the viewing angle will pay your attention. Holograms in most cases are monochrome and all the colors can be simulated with the embossing process.

In the manufacture of holograms embossed holograms occupy the highest market share and are supplied as a continuous sheet or adhesive labels. .

Hologram Labels

If holograms will be used for security or counterfeiting, it should be used with special customized images or logos, prepared in a fairly elaborate mastering process. However, is this process has been pass through once, then the cost of hologram production is not higher than with standard holograms.

Since this holograms usually produced as embossed holograms, there is a differnece between 2D and 3D holograms. In a 2D hologram there is only one image which serves as the basis for the hologram. The multidimensional effect is produced by the combination of shading effects and light refraction in the hologram. Significantly more expensive are 3D holograms. In this type there are more images in the hologram taken from different angles. These images are embossed in different planes of the hologram. As result you could see a 3D animation when changing the viewing angle.